Bob: Non-Union Psychic Review

BobNonUnionPsychicBob: Non-Union Psychic #0 is a story about a barber named Bob. Who also happens to have psychic abilities. His Great Grandfather is trying to push Bob more and more into psychic work by getting him an interview with the local Psychic Union.

Trying to prep Bob for the interview, a new client is setup for one evening after he closes his barber shop. Upon arriving, the woman explains the issues that she is experiencing and Bob goes to work. As he touches the couple, he gets glimpses as to what the problem is. All the while, Bob is being coached by his Great Grandfather.

While all of this is going on, there is also a parallel story in which an Archeologist named Professor Berthold Juhlowsky who has uncovered an ancient medallion. This medallion unleashes an ancient power on the city that Grandfather feels would be the perfect way for Bob’s greatness to be observed by the Union. Although, that may not be the case!

Personally, I really enjoyed this book. Especially for a zero issue, this was packed with content. The artwork, while on the cartoony side, fits the feel of the story very well. And, I love the fact that the artist, in order to portray Bob’s abilities, drew ghosts on almost every panel. This adds so much to the psychic feel of the book in my opinion and in no way gets in the way of the story.

Overall, this is a very well drawn and well written book and I hope it will continue soon. I highly recommend checking this out and if you are interested, you can get your copy here!




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