Humalien #1 Review

Humalien FullHumalien opens up with The Anomaly being overrun by attack robots attempting to bring capture him. The robots are lead by The Executioner under the direct orders of The Trinity, a group of aliens who are responible for creating the anomaly in the first place.

The Anomaly or Ed, is aided by his two friends Plato and Kuhl in evading capture from the robot army. They are quickly baited into a new trap leading to an unknown offering help, leaving a build to the next issue.

The story for Humalien is decent and easy to get right into and follow. The dialogue between characters is written well and easy to understand for all readers. Too many futuristic stories make up and/or use too many words that either don’t mean anything or nobody knows the meaning of anyways which brings the reader to a halt in the storyline trying to figure out what the writer means.

Visually the Humalien is a great book. It’s drawn a little differently than most books but that gives it more originality in my opinion. Also, the color use is great without the pages being too busy with illustrator trying to impress us.

I recommend picking this up. It’s seems like it will be a fun book to get interested in.



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