Keith Broke His Leg Review

KeithBrokeHisLegKeith Broke His Leg is a web series written and directed by Keith Powell. Keith is best known for his roll as James “Toofer” Spurlock on the hit comedy 30 Rock.

This series follows around Keith, after he has broken his leg, for 10 episodes that are each about ten minutes long. Unlike other comedy shows, Keith Broke His Leg does not just throw jokes at you hoping that they will stick. This series is much more based in reality as Keith struggles to adjust to his situation.

The first two episodes definitely hook you in with laughs as Keith falls into a “Rabbit Hole” on the internet while clicking from one mindless search to another. Followed by watching his friend propose to his girlfriend in quite the disastrous way. And lets not forget the fantastic lecture that he then proceeds to give his friend about life.

Now that we are hooked, the show seems to switch gears into more serious topics for the remainder of the season. This is in no way a bad thing as this now allows the show to explore some pretty serious topics, such as racial stereotypes, police harassment and an episode where Keith looks into himself to analyze his life by speaking to himself and his inner child.

This series was a delight to watch and I am looking forward to it continuing on. I also want to point out that Jill Knox, who has had a few small roles, plays Keith’s wife in the series, as well as real life, was fantastic as well. These two really played well off each other and it was obvious they had real chemistry. The only complaint I have with the show is that there are times when the audio levels were not consistent.

To watch all the Keith Broke His Leg episodes go to to see them totally free.


  • Realistic Situational Comedy
  • Great Performances


  • Audio Levels Inconsistent at Times


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