The Cloverfield Paradox Review

The Cloverfield Paradox is another in a string of Netflix original movies. They have been dipping their toes into the Sci Fi and Fantasy realm of film lately after the release of Bright starring Will Smith and What Happened to Monday starring Noomi Rapace (we have reviews and podcasts for both). I’m glad to see that Netflix is branching out into some other film genres other than over the top comedies. They have had success with the fantasy and sci fi original series so far which makes it surprising that it took this long to get into original movies of the same.

The Cloverfield Paradox seems to be in line with the other movies in the franchise so far despite being set in space. The premise being that the world is in the midst of a massive energy crisis and the other hope is the largest particle accelerator ever built to provide sustainable energy for the planet. While tensions are high between governments on Earth, the scientists desperately attempt to get the accelerator working against the thought of some people down below who believe it could end in catastrophic disaster. After an extended time is space the crew gets the experiment to work but quickly find out that they may have brought the skeptic’s worst fears to reality, or rather some form of reality. This take the crew down a dimensional rabbit hole that they must work work together to solve.

Overall, I recommend this movie to fans of both science fiction and fantasy films. While it might have a few plot holes and weak points, I believe the film tells the story it means to in a manner in which the view can understand and be entertained by while still hitting a couple relevant issues impacting today’s society. Although our rating may not be very high, we found the movie to be enjoyable for what it is. For a more detailed discussion of what we thought of the movie, listen to our podcast below. When you listen you will understand why a random picture of an arm has any relevance in this review (Scott and I discuss in length). If you get a chance to see the movie please rate it here on our sit and tell us what you think!




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