BvS is a Complex Film You Have to Keep Up With to Enjoy

User Rating: 9

Batman v Superman was a dark, suspenseful and emotionally intense film centered around a clever mash-up of philosophical and political themes. Morals, ideals and quality of character are challenged by every major character and serve as challenges for the major characters as well. This intelligent film compels viewers to think about the facets of power, corruption and fear, as well as how they tie in to the decisions we make for better or for worse. Every aforementioned underlying theme is what compels the confrontation between Batman and Superman, as well as every other confrontation in the film.
Batman v Superman is not about who can/will beat who in a fist fight. However each turn of events leads to a conclusion on which position and decisions end up mattering the most to the characters and arguably shed light on which position and decisions serve the greatest value in the moment.
To better understand this, you’d have to see the movie yourself, which I highly recommend, but don’t go in looking strictly for just action or fast-paced storytelling over all else or you will be disappointed. I have reason to suspect that this expectation was one thing that correlated to some of its bad reviews. Even if that wasn’t the case, this movie deserves more praise in my book.

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  1. I agree that the title characters definitely colored the critics’ reviews in a certain direction that many never even attempted to veer from once they actually saw the movie. I suspect much of it is just the current anti-Zac Snyder vibe in the world at the moment. I think time will be kinder to BVS.

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